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Soul-Shadow is a streamlined and modified online version of AD&D (2nd edition) for beginner and inexperienced players. It is a predominantly story-driven game, that takes place in the Province of Tyrûn. Because of the geography, Tyrûn is a volatile spot for the three cultures: the Humans, Dwarves, and Elves. The campaign starts in the year 25 KT, which is 25 years after the last empirical war that resulted in the fall of the Eastern Empire.


The races are currently underdeveloped from other campaigns because of the Dragon Wars eight hundred years ago. The Dragon Wars are rumored to have encompassed years of combat between the various races and Dragons of the land in alliance with Dark Elves. Nobody knows much of the Dragon Wars because most of the documentation was destroyed. All that is known is that the races of the land stood up to the forces and fended them off at Dragonthorn, the last active settlement during the war. Somehow the races, though low in number were able to stand strong at Dragonthorn and drive the attackers away. Whether the victory was permanent or another wave is building in the distance is not known at the moment. But all that can be done is to live life as though they never happened and rebuild. The races eventually dispersed from Dragonthorn, except the Humans, but soon the Humans forgot about the battle and became greedy and fought for new land once more.

Campaign Time-frame and Mechanics

The campaign takes place over several years, starting with young adult versions of the Player Characters, and ending when Player Characters are more matured versions of their former selves. In game choices make adjustments to the character instead of the simple but encumbering pick and choose character building process.

Main Page

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