The Elves are divided into three groups according to the Humans. These groups are the Eastern Elves, the Dark Elves and the Common Elves.

e3. The Eastern Elves

The Eastern Elves are a simple but mysterious race that hails from the South East. Not much is known of them, mainly because nobody asks or bothers to learn their language, but what is known is that they are an intelligent group of deeply spiritual beings. Though most of them are enslaved to the Dwarves, little known facts about their culture surface every now and then. What is known is that there certainly was more of them at one time, what happened to the rest is not known, but the mystery pushes some strong travelers to journey south, none have returned as of yet. Knowing there might be more Elves in the world, the known Elves that hail from the Eastern Empire are sometimes called the Eastern Elves.

Common Elves

The Common Elves exist as a remnant from the Dragon Wars and are looked at in a negative light. These are the Elves that did not leave from Dragonthorn after the final battle in the Dragon Wars. Usually viewed as freaks or culturally challenged, the Elves rarely rise above peasant class, however there are a couple royal families in the Common Elf group. Concerning the groups of Elves, the Common Elves are rarely referred to by their race, normally they are referred to by class with other races as Commoners.

The Eastern Elves and the Humans

The Eastern Elves were first discovered by the Humans a couple centuries ago in the Norther Province. Initially believed to be simple natives of the land, they were enslaved by the Humans until an Elvan military stormed through the Norther Province by way of the Tyr√Ľn Sea and demanded the release of their people. Because of the language barrier it was a long grueling process with a few conflicts in between before the Elvan slaves were released. Following this event, the Humans and the Eastern Elves have lived separately sharing little communication and not expanding past the Crux until Alexander the Shadow came into power and broke the unspoken agreement. This move is assumed to be the beginning of the last empirical battle

The Eastern Elves and the Dwarves

The Dwarves first discovered the Eastern Elves in observation from Torbalt’s Clutch. With their strategic position in the mountains they had a clear view of everything and did not feel threatened by them. When the last empirical battle started, the Dwarves decided to benefit from it by enslaving the Elves. The Dwarves profited off the Elvan slaves by having more miners to dig out the crevasses in the mountain range. The Eastern Elves remain the slaves of the Dwarves at present.


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